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Great children's book: I like myself



Do you have a child that has some quirks or is always asking questions about being different?  If so here is a great book to add some self esteem.  The book is called I Like Myself.

This book was actually given to my youngest Emily, by her Grandma and Papa.  Emily is our child that is a bit quirky, quite small for her size, and  has a style of her own.  She is also always asking the question  "What if.........?"  It drives her Uncle Coco crazy but I think it is pretty funny to see him go bonkers on every question!

The book is very imaginative and explains that it doesn't matter if you are big or small, spikes down your spine or hair that's like a porcupine, or beaver breath or stinky toes, or horns protruding from your nose.  

What matters the most is that you like yourself and you are glad to be you!

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