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Great breakfast ideas and recipes

Hint: choose healthy and tastey foods
Hint: choose healthy and tastey foods
Photo by Mary MacIntyre

In recent articles, issues of childhood obesity have been discussed. One discussion included breakfasts. Breakfast powers the body's metabolism. Review the PDF included in the last article. Eating a good breakfast expands each person's success tools.

Now, remember you do not have to become perfect. If you could make sure that you or your children have 3 or 4 good breakfasts a week could have a major impact on your health and well being. Next, you can eat anything at breakfast. Love tuna sandwiches? Eat it at breakfast. Have delicious left-overs? They are ready for you to eat now.

Want more breakfast ideas? Enjoy these breakfast recipes. In New Mexico you can get great jams or preserves at the farmers' markets. Also some farmers' markets will have locally produced yogurt and cheeses. Santa Fe's Farmers' market has these items and lots more.

Prepare breakfasts in advance. Even if you have homemade honey sweetened oat bars, a piece of fruit, and a hard boiled egg, place what you need in a bag ready to grab. Invite your children to prepare breakfasts or recipes. Help them learn how to budget, discover meals that they like, and take responsibility for their health.

Take the steps you are able to achieve now and be glad that you can enhance your life.


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