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Great books about saving money on groceries - What are your favorites?

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While it seems like all of the information you could ever need regarding saving money, coupons, and cutting your grocery budget can be found online, the fact is that there are still great books out there that also contain valuable tips.

For example, the Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacycyn is a comprehensive look at tightening your budget and maximizing each dollar that you spend. Even if the word is out that the recession is over, times are still tough for many families. While there are some tips that are oudated (the book was published ten years ago), this book is still a very useful reference tool. You can find it online at the usual big retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), order it from one of your favorite independent bookstores, or perhaps search for it at a thrift store or library booksale.

What books have helped you in your quest to save money and keep your budget under control? Leave a comment with the book title and a brief review (and your name) and a future article will cover readers' picks!

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  • Cortnie H 5 years ago

    A book that helped me curb my overall spending and made me think about the things I buy in the first place is The Better World Handbook by Jones, Haenfler and Johnson. The shopping chapter has titles like "resist the urge to go shopping" and "buy less stuff" and "buy used". It has definitely broke my addiction to consumerism.

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