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Great book for LA foodie parents: Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton

a great book for foodie parents
a great book for foodie parents

Rice cereal is disgusting.  That's not a matter of opinion, it's a fact.  And for a new parent who considers themselves to be a foodie, who enjoys the Hollywood farmer's market, treasures a secret sushi spot or happily spends their Sunday afternoons at the cheese counter at Surfas, it's a fairly depressing prospect to introduce a child into the world of food in such a bland manner.  Wouldn't a little truffle butter be a more inspired choice?  Or how about an heirloom tomato sauce or a little fried rice?  For parents who ponder questions such as these, there is Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton.   

Mr. Amster-Burton is a food critic turned parent who not only rejected the rice cereal approach, he wrote a book about it.  A book with not only reflections on the journey he took in the feeding of his own child, but actual recipes for tasty alternatives.  He includes ethnic foods, spice, sugar... and then suggests you feed these meals to babies.  It's a revolutionary and thoroughly exciting approach.  Mr. Amster-Burton is not only a writer of considerable skill who is able to take you along on this amusing journey with style and grace, he is also a true foodie who makes practical cooking suggestions that practicioners of any skill level can enjoy. 

Perhaps not every toddler is ready to embrace a world of carnitas, short ribs and pad thai.  But for a foodie parent who dreams of exposing their offspring to all the fantastic flavors Los Angeles has to offer, this book is pure indulgence.