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Great alternatives to chlorine bleach

Want to save money and help the environment while getting your clothes their brightest and whitest? Why not add a ¼ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide to your wash to do the trick? It’s effective, inexpensive and also the perfect alternative to Chlorine bleach. 
Why avoid Chlorine bleach? Once a staple in American laundry rooms, Chlorine bleach is now a chemical to avoid! Known to cause eye irritation and skin rashes, this hazardous chemical can be fatal if swallowed, a definite no-no to keep around small children and pets. And who needs that yucky smell? 
Looking for another great solution to getting rid of stubborn dirt and other stains from clothes? Oxygen bleach! It is Chlorine-free, non-toxic to people, pets and plants, and is environmentally friendly as it dissolves into natural soda ash or borax after use. Try Mrs. Meyers Oxygen Bleach in Lavender, a powerful, all-natural stain remover that will add a gentle relaxing scent to your laundry. 
When life gives you lemons, whiten your clothes with them! Believe it or not, lemons are a great, all-natural way to whiten clothes and linens. Boil water with lemon slices (should be enough to fill up a pot) for an hour or two, then add your clothes to soak overnight. An added bonus? A fresh lemony scent to your garments! 
If you’re really on a tight budget, try the cheapest alternative: sunlight. Historically, sunlight has been used to whiten and refresh clothes, back to the time of pioneers and our earliest settlers. Using a clothesline? Remember to hang your clothes with plastic hangers, or in such a way that you’ll avoid obvious line marks. 
Looking for more great recipes for green cleaningThe Joy of Green Cleaning recipe book has a plethora of great tips and helpful suggestions for cleaning clothes and household chores in a “green” way. These are some practical solutions that won’t break the bank and will keep you and the environment a safer, healthier place.