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Great $20 haircut in Boulder: Alpine Barbers

The welcoming entrance to Alpine Barbers.
The welcoming entrance to Alpine Barbers.

While passing through our lovely city, you might find the need for a trim...or a cut...or a whole new look. Alpine Barbers at 1215 Alpine, located right next to Pharmaca Pharmacy, is an excellent place to start. Alpine Barbers has been keeping Boulder stylin' since 1958, making it Boulder's oldest barbershop. I recommend them easily to anyone looking for a quick trim or cut, especially since men's cuts tend not to stray from the $20 standard fee. The barbershop is often filled with happy customers and jocular barbers; the stylists here are friendly and the atmosphere is casual, yet intimate. The knowledgeable and flexible staff makes it a comfortable place for a woman or child to get their hair done there as well. As I'm in the plaza often getting lunch or a cup of coffee or tea, I've had the opportunity to ask a few of the customers on exit how they liked the service. The remarks I got in return were, "Great, really professional" from a male customer, "Fine, really pleasant" from a female customer and from a woman struggling with a clearly unhappy child, "Their service is really good...he just doesn't like getting his hair cut. But they do their best to get him in and out of there, and I really appreciate that." The kid was wailing at the top of his lungs and I thanked his mother for taking the time to talk with me. Some kids just don't appreciate a good haircut.

North Boulder's awesome Alpine Barbers, the oldest barbershop in Boulder.
Photo Courtesy Dondi Barrowclough

So if you find yourself needing a cut while visiting our wonderful city, head over to Alpine Barbers for their professional service, charming atmosphere and decades of experience. You won't be disappointed. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can reach the shop by calling 303-443-3596.