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'Greaser Night' at a local school

Side view from the finished styled. A curled ponytail with some height added to her bangs.
Side view from the finished styled. A curled ponytail with some height added to her bangs.

Ms. Garcia's 7th grade class held their first "themed movie night" on April 1st. The students read the book "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton and when they finished were given the option to watch the movie in class or have a "movie night". They chose to have a movie night and be able to dress as they're favorite character from the book.

Student gets her hair styled for 'greaser night'.
Erica Garcia

Hair plays an important part in the book The Outsiders. "They were not rich kids like the 'Socs' who could afford mustangs and madras to show off their style, so they grew their hair long and greased it up. That is what they 'owned'," explained Ms. Garcia. Ponyboy, the main character, has a scene where he has to cut his hair, " because he was hiding out from the fuzz, and it was just agony for the students too cause they also identified him as having long hair."

When movie night came around Ms. Garcia told them to "grease" up their hair like the characters.  Some students arrived with their black leather jackets, rolled up jeans/capri's, rolled up sleeves, and greased up hair. Yours truly got invited to "greaser night" in case some of the kids wanted to get their hair done. They were told they couldn't get a haircut only have some product put on their hair and styled. Only three girls were able to get their hair done since they were pressed with time.

While the girls got their hair done, the rest of the students enjoyed some pizza and sodas. When the girls were done getting their hair styled they all began watching the movie. Even though some students had seen the movie, they were still hyped for getting into character and watching the movie with their fellow classmates.

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  • Miranda 5 years ago

    LUCKY!!!! yall gonna have to tell me when the next party is.

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