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Grease is the word on FOX

Grease Car
Grease Car
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In December 2013 the NBC network brought a live and terrible version of The Sound of Music to the screens of millions of viewers. It was a huge flop and Carrie Underwood ruined the reputation of the amazing character when she butchered the acting and the character. Not only did it bring viewers to the network, but it also began to trend on the internet. The Sound of Music was trending for days.

NBC has not been the network known for musicals though. Recently FOX has been the leader in the musical industry. They are the ones who launched Glee, and Glee is one of the reasons why musicals in both film and television forms are popular again. FOX is taking another step in the musical world. Grease is the word currently for FOX. They will be airing their own live version of a musical. They will take on the high school classic, Grease, with a live performance sometime in the future.

Hopefully they will make better casting choices, and it was not be a flop. Look at Glee, which started out with actors who were not widely well known. Lea Michele has been a popular name to musical theater buffs since her days on Spring Awakening, but other then that, unknown talent lit up the screen when Glee aired and won the hearts of millions.

FOX should learn a lesson from their past and be sure to do the same. It is not about big named stars like the choice to use Carrie Underwood. She is a talented musician who makes beautiful sounds with her voice, but she cannot act. FOX will hopefully learn from NBC's mistake. It will have the viewers. People watched The Sound of Music to watch Underwood crash. That will hopefully not be the reason why people watch Grease.

Stay tuned for casting news and other news related to the future live event.