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Grayson Chance gets signed to Interscope Records



  • Chris S in LA 6 years ago

    This kid is not the next Justin Bieber. He is way more talented vocally and hs songs are very deep. Interesting to see if he can make it doing what he wants and writing songs like the 2 he has on youTube or if he will turn bubblegum pop/r&b like Bieber.

  • JR in Chi 6 years ago

    I agree with Chris. The two have very different styles. Bieber is more bubblegum pop, and this kid is more alternative or folk rock. He is more talented IMO too. I've seen Justin Bieber's Youtube videos before, and I wasn't impressed then and even less impressed now. Autotune is for singers that can't sing. I wouldn't be caught dead listening to Bieber, but I'd listen to Greyson's music (as long as he sticks to the same stuff he's doing now). They both need to stop with that annoying head swing though. It makes me want to effin' knock their heads together.

  • Ale in MD 6 years ago

    hey gies this is ale im 11. WOW this kid is amazing and he sings his songs with such emotion but lets get honest Justin Bieber is a AMAZING singer and dancer. please lets not compare grayson with justin PLEASE!!!! grayson has a totally different style of music than justin. And WHAT THE HELL ARE U THINKING JR IN CHI the hair flip thing is totally hot i totally wud go out with him though!!!! LUV GRAYSON!!!! he will definetly MAKE IT BIG!!!!!

  • cc 6 years ago

    i agree with ale all in all

  • omg 6 years ago

    hi ppl this kid is so cool he is way better than justin bieber (no afence) i still love justin but this kid is 12 and so am i. he is gonna be so famus

  • Lilly 6 years ago

    This kid is talented. Don't compare him and Justin Bieber they are totally i mean totally different people. Justin Bieber is really cute!

  • Randi Grogan 5 years ago

    The difference is clearly visible, Greyson is talented. He has an amazing voice at 12, he isn't showy or trying to woo the girls, he sings and is very good at it. Being old enough to be his mother, I hope this child continues on and shows the world it's more than a haircut or dancing on a stage. If he keeps himself grounded he will go extremely far. Excellent.

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