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Gray's Papaya in NYC Shuts Down

Brace yourself hot dog fans, because I have some sad news.

The famed Gray's Papaya at 402 6th Avenue has shut its doors. The windows are covered with brown sad-looking paper, and a demolition crew was taking down the sign and removing items from inside the restaurant. Pictures were taken by a fan and sent into Eater NY.

I called up the 6th Ave location and a man told me that they're closed permanently, but didn't provide me with any more information as to why.

Considering how cheap their food and drinks were (hot dogs for $1.95, breakfast sandwich for $1.75, coffee for 25 cents, and of course, their Recession Special), it's amazing that what they served was actually quality grub. They were a haven for anyone of any hour who had a late night craving, needed an early morning jolt of caffeine, or who drunkenly needed to eat fried food -- or basically anyone who just wanted good food at a cheap price.

If you still need to get your Gray's Papaya fix, you'll have to head uptown to the other location at 2090 Broadway at 72nd Street.

It's a sad day Manhattan cheap food eaters. RIP 6th Avenue Gray's Papaya.

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