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Gray Road Church of Christ: Living and breathing the word of God

Gray Road doors always swing open.
Gray Road doors always swing open.
Church Bulletin

Take a pause to see if your congregation is worth bragging about. Have you ever stoped to think about how your connection to a spiritually based organization has touched your life or the lives of others? Congregations are typically thought of as places of worship, which they are. However, they are so much more. Congregations are also places where lives are built, healed, restored, refreshed and commemorated.

The Gray Road Church of Christ in Cincinnati provides service to its members. "Richard Rose, the minister reported at his 25th anniversary that during those years he preached approximately 2000 sermons, conducted over 1000 Bible classes, carried out many marriages, various workshops, revivals and conducted numerous funerals. His statistics demonstrate the service he provides but does not reveal the impact on lives he has had."

Gray Road is a congregation where its members go to the local congregation to be among others with the same faith. Fellowship occurs inside the church building and often times outside the walls of the building. This is a church where families are built! At Gray Road, couples have met and married; children are baptized and raised. It is a place where one runs to in times of trouble for encouragement, comfort, support and wisdom provided through Biblical teachings. Many ministries are led.

Gray Road is centered on sound doctrine. Churches of Christ throughout the world profess to speak where the Bible speaks and to be silent where the Bible is silent. In other words, it accepts Bible teachings without adding or subtracting from the word of God. Through this Word, the teaching of the Word of God, ministries are lead and lives are touched. The application of God's Word is applied daily, thus the members strive to live the Word while positively impacting the world with acts of kindness, love, forgiveness, encouragement, and service.

Through its members, the Word of God is tangible.