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Gray days ahead: go monochromatic for fall

Go gray for fall and make a bolder splash than you ever expected with a neutral
Go gray for fall and make a bolder splash than you ever expected with a neutral
(Image: "Amazing Grays")

"Gray" gets a bad rap here in the land of the Snowy North, as it's often the word used to describe the quality of light during those interminable winter months. It need not be an enemy of style however, if you're willing to embrace it. What do we mean?

Rock one of fall's biggest trends by making gray your "go to color" this fall, and you'll look pretty sharp. Think that sounds as boring as one of those January days? Only if you skip out on following some of this advice on how to punch up your look...

  • Don't be afraid to mix your patterns. Playing with patterns will give this monochromatic look the strong impact you want. Keep balance between these patterns though; a bolder shirt calls for a subtler tie, or vice versa. [For more on this, check out: Perfect pairings].
  • Texture is your friend. Silk ties are a year-round staple, but a wool tie is the special treat of the fall. The weight of this fabric plays perfectly into this bold look.
  • Contrast is your other friend. Contrast the tones of gray between shirt and tie for a combo that pops: mix a lighter shirt with a darker tie, or vice versa.

So get on out there, and embrace your new, neutral friend. We promise we'll notice (and appreciate) it.

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