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Gravepact live at The Hexagon

Gravepact live at the Hexagon
Gravepact live at the Hexagon

Gravepact, a doom band from Pennsylvania played this past Saturday, February 13, 2010 at The Hexagon in Baltimore.  The Hexagon is a small, bring-your-own-bottle cum art-space, and to call it "art-space" is really an overstatement.  It's really a space that could have art in it if it wanted, but it really doesn't.  What you do get, in The Hexagon is a simple venue to hear some music.

Hexagon is a large rectangle with some sheets separating two different rooms, and doesn't lend itself to a good acoustic setting, but the sound engineer did well. The show wasn't over-loud like many smaller clubs, and some larger clubs tend to be.

Gravepact was pure doom metal, and quite good.  The sludgy guitar filled the small space, and the bass player's large Sunn cabinet took center stage behind the drums, as in any good doom band, the bass is of utmost import.  The vocals were quite screamy, devilish, and complimented the doom-core band's deep sound, and found plenty of room to exist above the bass-entrenched metal.  It would, however, have been better if the bass drum were mic'd, as it was drowned inside the wall of bass and guitar.

Overall, great show from a promising doom band. We hope to hear some good recordings from this band in the future.  As of now, the band has only a few recordings that don't even come close to how good they sound live.  If you are a doom fan and Gravepact is on the marquee, run to see this hardcore doom band, you won't be disappointed.