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Grassroots candidate Tim Leonard wins GOP nomination

More than 50 of Leonard's supporters encircled the assembly room during his nomination
More than 50 of Leonard's supporters encircled the assembly room during his nomination
Kathleen Baker

Joining the trend that is occurring across the nation, conservative grassroots activists bucked the party machine and nominated the grassroots candidate, Tim Leonard, for Colorado Senate District 16 at the Republican state assembly today in Loveland. Leonard received 71% of the delegates’ votes, which knocked his opponent, Summit County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, from the August primary ballot. In Colorado, candidates must receive at least 30% of the vote at the state assembly to be included on the August ballot unless they go through the petition process.

Hurlbert, who had received the endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis and Colorado Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, was considered the political establishment’s pick. Leonard, a commercial real estate developer, on the other hand, was the favored candidate by the Tea Party which had made a concerted statewide effort to elect their members as assembly delegates. The activists have also shown financial support to Leonard, who had been able to raise $67,000 compared to Hurlbert’s $10,000 prior to the assembly.

Leonard has received the endorsement of former Congressman Tom Tancredo, who seconded his nomination, stating ”I’m hoping that we have a state legislature soon as it reconvenes that has the guts to do what Arizona has done, and this guy has got the guts.”

The Evergreen resident is running on a platform of lower taxes, adherence to the U.S. Constitution, and spending cuts. Referring specifically to his district, the three main issues he touched upon were beetle kill, I-70 traffic, and water rights.

However, the recurring theme he spoke of was the issue of states’ rights. He said, “This is the job I am asking you to join me in - reining in our government and limiting it to its lawful purpose.” He continued, “We as Coloradans need to stand up and remind the Federal government that it was the states that formed them and reserved to us the powers we didn’t want them to have. We’re tired of being trampled on.”



  • Laura Victoria 5 years ago


    Great article. I write the Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer blog and it's nice to no longer feel like the lone voice in the wilderness writing about Tim and against Mark Hurlbert. My blog's It's a bit of an irreverant conservative/libertarian legal and political blog. I did a post live blogging today from my base of operations in Cabo San Lucas, MX, thanks to help from other bloggers and participants. I'd love to post some tweets of yours tomorrow. I'm ExPatExLawyer.

    Today's a day I've been looking forward to for four months. Hurlbert is so clueless that nothing he does would surprise me. I hope this time he has enough of a clue not to try to petition on the ballot. Glad you quoted those fundraising numbers.

  • Mchael 5 years ago

    The distraction of Hulbert is done. It's now time to get Tim Leonard in the state office to put the brakes on government spending. Great campaign Tim!

  • RANDY K. 5 years ago

    Way to go Tim! I will be telling my neighbors to vote for you in the general election.

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