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Grass Roots front runner for Senate in Texas goes unnoticed in Main Stream Media

Dwayne and Texas
Dwayne and Texas

Dwayne Stovall is running for U.S. Senate from Texas in an attempt to unseat incumbent John Cornyn yet Main Stream Media is late to see what Texan’s all over the state are seeing and that is Dwayne travelling the state and speaking to them face to face.

Dwayne and Texas

Mr. Stovall’s campaign has been steadily gaining momentum in Texas which is evident by his sweep of all the straw polls and the only candidate endorsed by any Tea Party Groups. Although Dwayne isn’t running specifically as a Tea Party Candidate his message is resonating to the Grass Roots type groups who tend to elect people from their rank and file to represent them as opposed to career politicians. Mr. Stovall has been driving the state not only speaking to groups but he stays afterwards and talks with all who wish to speak with him. There is no entourage travelling with Dwayne, in fact more often than not he is driving across Texas alone. Recently on his way to speak at an event in Dallas his truck broke down on the highway and in typical Dwayne fashion he was undeterred and got out, popped the hood and commenced fixing the problem without soiling the suit he was wearing for the event. He was on time delivering his captivating, emotion stirring and educational speech that he has been spreading all over Texas.

While Mr. Stovall drives all over Texas as the apparent front runner by all measures within the state of Texas he goes unnoticed by Main Stream Media. The Media is fixated on Senate races like the one in Kentucky between Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin in the primaries. There is a nation wide disappointment brewing with the long term incumbent representatives in Washington and a growing movement to replace them with Grass Roots working class Americans’ who can relate to the issues that concern the average tax paying American. But at the same time there is a movement by the elite establishment to suppress and squelch the voices of the people with big dollar ads and media campaigns that support their candidates to ensure their continued influence on Washington. Meanwhile like Dwayne solid candidates like Mark Callahan in Oregon and Nancy Mace in South Carolina don’t receive the attention their messages should receive.

In Ted Cruz fashion Dwayne is going to the people of Texas for their endorsements over the blessing of Main Stream Media and the machine that discounts his viability to win. The people of Texas will express their voices at the march 4th. Primaries and the numbers will speak for themselves regardless if the Media sees or predicts them accurately or not.

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