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Cat hating thugs and their bold face lies
Cat hating thugs and their bold face lies
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Cat Haters must be desperate. Once again they create bold face lies regarding neighborhood community cats. Like all compulsive liars, they present a convincing argument to the uninformed. Sadly many will fall for the facade over and over again until they finally see the truth with their own eyes and experiences.

The Vox Felina critique reports that less than two weeks after the American Bird Conservancy president George Fenwick states in the Washington Post Magazine his organization’s position that ....." Remarkable’ deterioration in memory functions of seniors infected by common parasite found in free-roaming cats." The findings CLAIM to reveal an association between Toxoplasma gondii infection in seniors subject to a “test battery for measuring memory function." However, NO causal relationship was found.

Casuistry....reasoning used to resolve moral problems by extracting or extending theoretical rules from particular instances and applying these rules to new instances. The term is also commonly used as a pejorative to criticize the use of clever but UNSOUND ARGUMENTS (alleging implicitly the inconsistent—or outright specious—misapplication of rule to instance), especially in relation to moral questions (see sophistry).

Their claim: “We report for the first time that T. gondii infection significantly deteriorates functions of the episodic and working memory, which in turn was associated with reduced self-perceived psychosocial health.” Fenwick and his organization routinely endorse junk science, and misrepresent what little valid work they cite. Johns-Hopkins ought to demand that Fenwick return his PhD, or at least stop devaluing their brand with his name-dropping.

ABC’s press release includes last year’s bogus “study” from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and an equally bogus paper authored by employees of the CDC and USDA—along with Fenwick, a detail that ABC omits from their press release.

Charles Seife, author of Proofiness: The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception* calls this sort of misrepresentation causuistry.

“Casuistry is the art of making a misleading argument through seemingly sound principles. Causuistry is a specialized form of casuistry where the fault in the argument comes from implying that there is a causal relationship between two things when in fact there isn’t any such linkage.”

There are numerous MISREPRESENTATIONS in their most recent press release. For example: “Although infection by the T. Gondi parasite is sometimes associated with improperly cooked meat, a key transmission vector in the U.S. that has been growing to staggering levels is free-roaming cats. According to Dr. George Fenwick, a Johns Hopkins-educated pathobiologist who is also President of American Bird Conservancy, ‘The number of domestic cats in the U.S.—both owned and un-owned—has increased to as many as 188 million.’”

Where’s the evidence that the free-roaming cat population is “growing to staggering levels”? It doesn't exist. And that 188 million? NO EVIDENCE, none. Simply more bold face lies broadcast to the masses via the ABC network.

ABC network tends to be a bit of a Cat Hating Cult groupie, hanging on the Cat Haters every word, idolizing Cat Hating Thugs like rock stars, molding and shaping their own beliefs and thinking to conform to that of Cat Hating Mobsters in misguided hopes of recognition and approval.

The agreed meaning of "casuistry" is in flux. The term can be used either to describe a presumably acceptable form of reasoning or a form of reasoning that is inherently unsound and deceptive. Oxford English Dictionary states that the word often and perhaps originally applied to a quibbling or evasive way of dealing with difficult cases of duty.

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