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Graphicsgate: Ubisoft says 'Watch Dogs' PS4 and Xbox One visuals same as 2012

Watch Dogs get unleashed this May.
Watch Dogs get unleashed this May.

There has been a fair amount of concern expressed by fans of the upcoming game Watch Dogs about whether or not the PS4 and Xbox One visuals have been downgraded since the game's initial reveal back at E3 2012.

In a new statement given to Videogamer today, Ubisoft Benelux PR and events manager Tessa Vilyn responded to accusations that Watch Dogs has been downgraded on the PS4 and Xbox One side of things since it was revealed two years ago.

"It is impossible. Of course [sic] it is not downgraded at all. I love graphics, its because I know they look good I'm bummed they think differently about it... its a true next gen game for sure... for sure," Vilyn said.

While there is a widespread debate going on about the look of the game, it's clear that the ideas and concepts within Watch Dogs are solid and different. The PS4 and Xbox One will no doubt be housing some pretty unique moments from players who are hacking other people or just the living world itself.

Watch Dogs' Dominic Guay talked about hacking in the game and expressed just how involved that skill will be during the entire gameplay experience.

"Hacking is present if you’re in combat, if you’re driving, if you’re on foot, if you’re doing stealth, or even if you’re just hiding in a corner and doing everything remotely through cameras. Hacking is central to the way you can approach problems," Guay said.

Players will finally get their hands on Watch Dogs when it launches this coming May 27th on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Folks on the Wii U will have to wait a while longer to enjoy the game.

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