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Graphic video of mouse dying posted on Facebook shows spirit leaving the body

A video of a mouse dying went viral today after a man posted it on Facebook. The video shows a mouse getting caught and dying in a trap and near the end of it, the spirit is seen leaving the body.

A video of a dying mouse shows its soul leaving the body
Photo courtesy of Facebook via Paul Rozek

Paul Rozek of Richmond, Michigan was working on his nephew's car in his driveway when he noticed a mouse running around in his garage. Rozek set up a trap to catch the mouse and placed his cell phone to capture the event on video.

"This is kinda morbid. Caught this little guy poking around my garage. I wasn't going to post it but then I noticed something right at 43 seconds, almost identical to the time he stops twitching," Rozek posted on the description of the video.

The video immediately went viral and has nearly 170,000 shares on Facebook. In the video the mouse can be seen eating from the trap and eventually gets caught in it and dies. Near the end of the clip, after the mouse dies, an orb can be seen coming from the animal's body.

Many people have mixed feelings on the footage. Some people think that the video is fake. Others believe the video is real and the orb is the mouse's soul leaving the body.

"You may have to watch twice maybe three times but you can see his little soul leave his body!!! Amazing capture," Facebook use Kimlie Couch said.

Early 20th century physician Dr. Duncan MacDougall conducted a study to find out why people lose weight when they die. In 1901, six of MacDougall's patients suffering from tuberculosis allowed him to use their bodies for the study. MacDougall weighed each patient at the moment of their passing and upon the moment of death, each patient lost about three-fourths of an ounce. The doctor used the results to confirm that humans have souls and an article was published called "Soul has weight, physician thinks" in 1907.

What exactly is the orb-like anomaly in the video? Is it dust? Is it a hoax? Could it actually be the spirit of the mouse ascending to the afterlife? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

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