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Graphic: Ocala dog brutally stabbed, beaten, and almost killed

Molly suffered horrific injuries
Molly suffered horrific injuries
Courtesy of WKMB Local 6 news

As reported by WKMG Local 6 News, among numerous other news agencies, on Sunday, 49-year-old Steven Scott Fleming from Ocala, Fla.was been arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty, resisting arrest, and probation violation, after he allegedly beat and stabbed a helpless Labrador-Boxer mix named Molly almost to death. It was thanks to neighbors that police were called out to the scene and Molly was rescued before she was killed in the attack.

Molly suffered a fractured skull and stab wounds to her head
WKMG Local 6 Facebook

Neighbors had heard and witnessed Fleming pounding on the door to his home, breaking the windows, and yelling, presumably for his girlfriend, who was not there at the time. They then heard the sound of a dog screaming and yelping in pain. The neighbors were very concerned and called 911. As they walked up to the house, Molly, a young Labrador-Boxer mix, ran from the house, bleeding profusely and clearly terrified. Neighbors surrounded her to protect her from any further harm. Many witnesses stated they were surprised Molly had survived the attack.

When police arrived at the home, they found a horrible scene, with blood splattered on the floor, bloody drag marks, and a broken and bloody baseball bat in the shower stall. It was reported that Fleming and his girlfriend had been drinking at a local bar prior to this incident, and had had an argument. Police were concerned about his girlfriend, but she was later found passed out under a tree near a local bar, where they had both been earlier, and had reportedly been in an argument.

Fleming attempted to flee the scene, but he was captured by police officers. In his possession were two bloody pocket knives in the pockets of his blood-spattered jeans. He was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, resisting arrest without violence, along with violation of probation from an unrelated case of cocaine possession. His arrest record shows he has been arrested five times previously, including for domestic violence. Bond was set at $5,500.00 for the current charges; however, he was being held without bond on the latter charges.

Neighbors immediately tried to help and protect Molly, who was bleeding profusely from her head wounds. She was taken by the Marion County Animal Services and received emergency care. She was found to have suffered a skull fracture, three stab wounds in her head, one of which penetrated her sinus cavity, among other injuries from being heartlessly beaten. Thankfully, she physically survived the attack. She is currently reported to be in stable condition and recovering from her injuries.

Needless to say, it is hoped Molly will not be returned to that home. As this story progresses, updates will be published here. As of now, Molly is not available for adoption, but it is hoped that once she recovers from her injuries, she will be allowed to be adopted into a truly loving forever home.

Thanks to caring neighbors, this innocent and helpless dog was saved from being beaten and stabbed to death. Please keep Molly in your thoughts as she recovers from this nightmare. If any petitions or letter-writing campaigns are started, that information will be provided here as soon as it becomes available.

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