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Graphic new footage released following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson

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Following the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the American people are demanding answers. With each passing day, more questions are being asked than are being answered.

On Saturday, August 9 in Ferguson, MO, an unarmed African American male named Michael Brown was gunned down by a local police officer. Witnesses say they saw Brown with his hands up in the air as the shots came firing. Since that day, protests have occurred across the country, including on Monday night into late Tuesday morning in Ferguson as the police began firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, detaining two reporters from the Washington Post and Huffington Post in the process.

Over the days that followed, the police have released that the name of the shooter was Darren Wilson, who had been on the force for the last six years. The police also released security footage from the convenience store that Brown allegedly shoplifted from shortly before he was killed. In a cell phone video that was obtained by CNN Saturday, Brown's body is shown on the ground, uncovered as people look on in horror.

"That's f*** u man," one bystander said. "They say he had his hands up and everything," he continued. One individual asked whether he was gone, and one man responded stating "Yeah he gone, he gone, he gone." Another asked whether they stood over him and was answered with "Yeah, and shot him some more when he was on the ground." Sirens could be heard in the background as another individual commented with "Police killed the dude. Police killed him, yeah. Said he had his hands up and everything. They still shot him. he fell on the ground, they stood over him and shot him some more. They've just got him laying the street dead."

The footage, which can be seen here, includes content of graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.