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Graphic: Former bait dog needs extensive medical care

Beginning the healing process.
Beginning the healing process.
Noah's Arks Rescue Facebook

The e-mail that arrived today from Noah's Arks Rescue (NAR) is the heartbreaking story of an innocent 2-year-old Pit Bull who was dumped behind a store, after clearly being used as a bait dog for dogfighting. Now named Lenny, he is in the loving and skilled hands of those involved with NAR, but he has a long way to go to heal.

These sweet and pleading eyes speak volumes
Noah's Arks Rescue Facebook

This precious boy is said to be very timid and confused. Bait dogs are ones that are not trained to fight, but instead are thrown in a fighting ring with fighting dogs, where they are brutally and savagely attacked in order to "train" the fighters. Lenny's body bears horrible rips, tears, and puncture wounds, and it appears he was dumped right after a fight. He has huge areas where the skin is just torn away on his legs, numerous puncture wounds, and other wounds that tell the tale of horror he had to endure.

Dogfighting is illegal in most states, but still it continues in back yards or anywhere a fight can be arranged. Many times small children attend these horrific fights, where they are taught that this is acceptable, bringing in a new generation to continue this nightmare. Bait dogs are sometimes stolen from homes, or obtained from the "free to good home" advertisements online. If they are not killed in the fight, they are merely discarded like garbage when they are no longer of use to the fighters.

Lenny is going to need a long hospital stay and numerous surgeries in order to heal. He will most likely need skin grafts once the infections begin to clear. He is anemic from blood loss, and the infections in these wounds is extensive. With the amazing care that is provided by those associated with NAR, Lenny has every chance of healing, both physically and emotionally. NAR is known for their amazing work with animals, taking in the absolute worst cases of abuse and then helping them to heal and go on to find loving forever homes.

If you can find it in your heart to help precious Lenny, no donation is too small. You can make a donation at the following link, or click the PayPal link on Lenny's NAR page:

One look into those sweet, innocent, and pleading eyes, and you know this boy desperately needs our help. Please help this precious boy to heal, and know that life is not about terror and pain, but instead full of love.

Keep getting better sweet Lenny. Advocates will do everything possible to help you heal. Your life as of now will be full of love, and you will be cherished the way you deserve.