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Graphic dog attack killing one dog posted on social media outrages viewers

Three dogs ripped apart a fourth dog while a man videotaped the gruesome fight.
Three dogs ripped apart a fourth dog while a man videotaped the gruesome fight.
Youtube freeze shot

In Wagoner County, Okla., viewers were outraged when Taylor Given posted a disturbing video on Facebook Sunday afternoon, showing three dogs mercilessly attacking a fourth dog reported

Animal rights' advocates believe the graphic video was a planned dog fighting event. Other viewers posting on the Facebook page, allege the photographer should have tried to stop the fight, and still others state there have been a number of conflicting statements as to the ownership of the dogs and why there were no efforts at all made to stop the cruelty.

Given told news reporters that all four dogs were strays, but he had been feeding three of the four dogs regularly, and in return the dogs had been protecting his property. Given stated the fourth dog tried to take food from the other three, and in the past attacked him while getting out of his truck.

"In the video, I didn't stop it. I got as close as I could just to show what was going on. I did try to stop it occasionally. When my dog stopped, I told the dog to get out. He didn't. He attacked another one of my dogs and they jumped right back on top of him."

Readers are confused if the other three dogs were strays as Given stated earlier in his story. Why didn't Given call authorities or Animal Control?

A petition has been started asking prosecutors to fully investigate the horrible event which took place and to act accordingly and to prosecute Given and a friend for animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law. Please be warned, the graphic two-minute video is posted on the petition site and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

Given has admitted he should not have posted the video to Facebook.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office is investigating and will announce its findings in the future.

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