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Graphic designer mom enjoys working at home

ACU graduate turned her talents into a home-based business.
ACU graduate turned her talents into a home-based business.
Photo Courtesy of Kristi Dominguez

Being a working-at-home-mom is great when you look at your job as “fun,” and enjoy being near your children as much as possible. That is the case for Kristi Dominguez of central Texas.
Kristi, formerly of Abilene, is a graphic designer who runs her business from home and is a mom to two boys, ages five and three.

Kristi is originally from Austin and discovered her talent as the editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper. She then went on to Abilene Christian University, graduating in 2000 with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and two separate fields of graphic design and event management.

She then got her first job at ACU, working in the alumni office doing web design and event planning. She and her husband, who is a high school principal, relocated to Muleshoe where she began working from home, doing little things like cookbook covers and church directories.

They relocated to central Texas in 2007 after their two sons were born. Kristi had gotten involved in blogging the year before to keep up with family and friends and wanted to dress up her own blog. She learned more about html and researching blog design and was on her way.

After redesigning her own blog, Kristi began getting requests from friends. “I did this just for fun for about a year and realized that my waiting list could actually turn into a business for me,” she said. She launched her business in November 2008.

Her business was mostly Christmas cards and holiday blog design at first in order to make some extra spending money for Christmas expenses. Her business then bloomed into more. She quit her part-time job as a pre-school teacher in May 2009 and devoted herself to her home-based business and her family.

“I feel very blessed at this point and am very excited to be able to do this from home,” she added.
Kristi says the biggest benefits of working at home is that she can be there whenever her kids need her and maintain a sane schedule since her husband cannot as a principal. She enjoys being able to set her own hours and being home with her kids during holiday breaks and the summer.

Kristi’s oldest will start kindergarten next year, and her youngest will be in pre-school three days a week, giving her more work time, but during the summer she must take care of her kids while trying to make time for work.

“Summer’s been a bit crazy with them underfoot, and I have definitely pulled some late nights trying to finish up designs,” she pointed out. She also has the additional challenge of caring for a child that has Asperger’s syndrome, which comes with four to five sessions of various therapies every week.

However, she tries to keep things in perspective and not worry so much about keeping a perfect house.
She also let her clients know when she has set aside a day to spend time with her kids. “Ninety-nine percent of them understand and even encourage me to soak up some of that valuable play time with my kids,” she said.

She suggests to other moms that work at home to do a little research at setting up a home business before getting started. “There are so many sites out there for ‘mom-preneurs’,” she said. She also says it’s important to keep in mind that your work day must end at some point and to set a time for stopping.

Check out some examples of Kristi’s work on her website at


  • David Dominguez 5 years ago

    Great story! Kristi, I'm so proud of all you do!

  • Profile picture of MontyFuller
    MontyFuller 2 years ago

    It is the best of both worlds isn’t it? Working from home, not just for mums, but dads as well, is becoming more and more common. It makes perfect sense too! Less traffic on the roads equals less jams and thus less pollution. It also means the kids get to see and interact with their parents more which will always be good for their development. I’m waiting for the day when people place banner stands in their front yards house advertising their services and people who pull up at homes looking to get interviewed for a job. It’s not for everyone though. Many people simply cannot motivate themselves to work at home even if in a separate room or simply become workaholics as their work is always in their presence.

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