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Graphene anybody?

Graphene appears to be the hot item at the moment. It is remarkable stuff and might just reinvigorate the tech industry. What is it? Basically graphene is a thin , single atom thin, carbon material that is super strong, flexible, superconductive, and loads of other neat properties. It has mucho potential applications in several industries. It is extremely difficult to produce and is made from graphite.

I researched graphene to find a promising company to invest in. The best I came up with is CVV. Graphene isn't the only thing they are involved in but they have an interesting technique for commercial production of it. They fill printer cartridges with a graphite solution and then print out sheets of it. CVVis trading around $12.85 which is down from the 52 week high. The company reports a size able backlog of orders for its products and they appear to be on the way to bigger and better things. Of course larger established companies like Nokia are doing their own graphene research and development but CVV in my opinion stands a better chance for greater stock appreciation sine they are a much smaller company where a single product can better influence the bottom line.

Other graphene investment ideas might be graphite producers and graphite miners. Be carefully here though because the field is rife with questionable penny stocks which can be pumped and dumped leaving uninformed investors high and dry.

Another thing to be wary of is the home kitchen variety of graphene. Basically, you strip the graphite out of lead pencils and throw it in a blender with some olive oil ? Then soak some cheap cotton cloth in this mixture and presto! You have graphene cloth. Yeah right.

I'm pretty sure CVV isn't using a kitchen blender. On the other hand it is apparently possible to lift a single layer of graphite off of a #2 pencil lead with sticky tape. Graphene is just a thin (one atom thin) layer go graphite. Go ahead and try this at home. If you are extremely patient and lucky you might actually lift some graphene off the pencil graphite and then transfer it to some paper or cellophane. Whoopsie! Personally, I'm going to check out buying a few shares of CVV. Who knows, someday they might be making so much money that they start paying hefty dividends, which I am partial to.

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