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Grapes and glass: Profile of Dennis Crayon, painter

Do a Google search for “art featuring grapes and wine” and you will find a zillion images. Try it. You will see a painting that appears how one might describe as “buckeye,” meaning crude, brusk, and excessively bold. You will discover literal paintings, attempts at compositions that one might expect without any surprise, such as a decanter, a glass, grapes, and ceramic plate. One painting has a bottle, a filled wine glass, some grapes and open window featuring a smiling moon and a star.

Dennis Crayon, contemporary realism
Dennis Crayon
Dennis Crayon
James George

Charming you might say. Then there are massive quantities of grapes.

Have you visited a winery? I had the opportunity to meet James Concannon one time in Livermore where he had a cave in the mountain where he stored champaign. He sold out to Wente and I visited them too. In the vineyard and winery you can smell the process, and that may include the oakiness from barrels.

I once painted a miniature portrait of Robert Mondavi and his wife dining at Mustard Restaurant in Napa Valley.

So, when I saw a painting by Dennis Crayon of wine glasses and grapes, I am no casual critic.

Every painting done by Dennis Crayon regardless of the subject will be executed to technical perfection. Astonishing patrons with his command of the brush, paint, and detail is his trademark. He is incredible at capturing reflections, and portraying materials so accurately that one may believe they are seeing the object itself. Any attempt between impression and perfection is failure, so here we have Dennis Crayon’s wine glasses and grapes. His creative genius is leaving it to imagination how grapes transform to fill the glass.

See Dennis Crayon’s studio. He calls his style contemporary realism. Don’t try this until you have mastered nearly everything. Dennis is a member of the Arlington Artists Alliance and exhibits work at the Gallery Underground.

“Contemporary Realism

I work in oils on canvas and panels, using color and position to convey contemporary composition combined with a classical painting technique. Each of my paintings features extreme attention to detail, especially the effect of light as it hits objects. I recognize the value of craft in my painting and continually work on my technique and style.”

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