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Grant Wilson returns to ‘Ghost Hunters’ for 200th episode

Grant Wilson
Sheryl Nields via NBCUniversal Media Village

Grant Wilson announced via a Facebook post on August 12 that he will appear on the 200th episode of “Ghost Hunters”. Wilson, co-founder of the North Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), stepped down from his role as lead investigator on “Ghost Hunters” in May 2012 to pursue other interests. Wilson worked side-by-side with Jason Hawes as a lead investigator since “Ghost Hunters” debuted in 2004.

The 200th episode will air in October as “Ghost Hunters” begins season 10. According to the Huffington Post, both Ami Bruni and Adam Berry – who announced their departure from “Ghost Hunters” a mere few weeks ago – will be involved in the 200th episode.

Fans can look forward to at least one more episode when the “Ghost Hunters” team will be all together again. After that, it is any body’s guess what lies in store for the series.

No word has been given yet as to who will replace Amy Bruni and Adam Berry once they depart, but rumors range from John Zaffis and Joe Chin to Dustin Pari and K.J. McCormick.

“Ghost Hunters” is currently the longest running unscripted reality show. It has graced the living room of millions of Americans for nearly a decade. Little did anyone know that two young plumbers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, would blaze the way and remove the stigma associated with investigating the paranormal.

Grant Wilson is currently the art director and vice president of Rather Dashing Games, a board game company focusing on producing quality games for families. Wilson is also an accomplished pianist, composer, writer and all around family man.

Wilson also continues to pursue his paranormal interests, but says he choose to leave “Ghost Hunters” due to its demanding schedule and the amount of time it kept his away from his family.

Fans can look forward to seeing Grant in action this fall in the 200th episode of "Ghost Hunters"

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