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Grant Rant: Bad Business Policies -

Can you imagine having a name tag that says "Grant Cardone, we can't do that."

Grant Cardone: We can't do that. This is the policy your company uses when it's convenient not to provide good service.

Have you ever had a business tell you "we can't do that, we have a policy against that."

That's actually what they are saying. "We can't do that, that can't happen. Nobody can do that, the city can't do it, we can't do it, the police, the politicians can't do it."

This is a policy. This is a convenient policy. This is the go to convenient policy, the card we pull out to say "hey, we are not going to take care of you on this deal."

You never want to tell somebody you can't do that.

Listen to what it is saying. Can you imagine having a name tag that says "Your Name, we can't do that!"

Can you imagine the company's mission statement being "we can't do that?"

Can you imagine running an ad, a big billboard, saying "so and so, we can't do that?"

This is a policy that you pull out of your hat, maybe out of that back-end of you, when it's convenient when you don't know what to do, when you are lost.

The solution here is this: we'll do it, we'll handle it, we'll solve the problem, let me figure it out. I can't do that exact thing but let me show you what I can do.

Anything you want to tell somebody that you can't do something say "look, I never say no until we have to.

You never, ever tell somebody "we can't."

You never want to decline somebody's reasonable request but say in this case I just can't get there. Let me show you what we can do."

Never say "we can't do that."

That's the go to policy when it's convenient and you are lost, instead say "hey we never say no until we have to.

Never say we can't until we can't. Let me show you what I can do."

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