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Grant Money for Schools Comes from all Segments

The new logo design
The new logo design
Cat West

After my discovery of the Cultural Data Project and the Department of Cultural Affairs, I continue to discover grants being offered to worthy causes. It's really inspiring to find so many people and corporations who's mission is to assist youth with learning new things. As I go through the thousands of offerings, it's hard to find just ONE that would be a good fit for my many causes. The Tyler Project is most assuredly very deserving of funding, and I know there are hundreds of grants that they would qualify for.

Hope springs eternal for so many students who will benefit from these programs IF and only IF they KNOW about them. I set out this week to find more opportunities for grant money to filter into the accounts of the Arts and Educational programs that are so in need.

Here's a hub of information about grants in California, it's called GrantWatch. These folks indicate they are watching all the grants available, but they are SELLING their information...... and we KNOW that this information is and always should be FREE to the public it attempts to serve.

As a person dives into these sites, it's very easy to get lost in the abyss of information. It is also easy to see how narrowly the path is drawn for non profit organizations to try and FIT into the criteria for these grants to be offered. Your applications will be considered by a boards of directors who review and approve or deny these applications. It's a tough road to achieve ANY grant money and once they give you the money, they expect a LOT of details about how you use it. Don't think this is just a broad donation to a charity. It's NOT! These government sponsored grants come with a LONG list of requirement PRIOR to making an application and all they way through the year as the money is being used. These are NOT operational grants so you can't just keep the doors open and pay bills with grant dollars, you need to USE them to provide real services to the kids they want to serve. This isn't free money, far from it.

Corporations also offer grant money and often the expectations are not as stringent, but they are much harder to find and the application process very much simplified. However, your chances are even slimmer to qualify for their board of director's criteria. The corporate board has no expectation of fairness when it comes to awarding money. Corporate interests are rarely fair to the underprivileged.