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Grant Cardone's list of dumb things people say

Recently NY Times best selling author, business coach and sales expert Grant Cardone's listed off for the Huffington Post, 8 of the dumbest things people say.

Check yourself before you...
Grant Cardone

Grant opens the article with this quote: "If you want to know how people think, listen to what they say." Grant has spent most of his career working with entrepreneurs and coaching CEOs who are looking to improve themselves and their companies and has found that one's mindset will ultimately determine success or failure!

"Whether the task is impossible, or whether it will actually work, is less important in this case than how this person thinks. Most people are so convinced by their dumb thinking that simple things become impossible, and most new efforts never work. What people say mirrors how they think, and both are indicators of what they'll do."

Here is the list of the dumbest things people say. See if you catch yourself thinking and saying the following:

1. "Patience is a virtue."

2. "I just want to be comfortable."

3. "Money won't make you happy."

4. "It's the journey not the destination that matters."

5. "I don't have time."

6. "I'm living the dream."

7. "I will do it when I get to it."

8. "That's impossible."

Grant concludes with "People say the dumbest things and they don't keep it to themselves so pay attention. Listen to what others say so you know how they think. This is a great insight for dating, hiring and promoting people. People who say dumb things are not dumb. They are dangerous! Misery loves company, and people who say dumb things tend to clump together with people who do dumb things."

What do you think of this list? Where do you agree and where do you disagree? What dumb things do you hear people say?

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