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Grant Application Process Part Two

Best to start with GAP Part One to get the low-down hoe-down on what I'm doing.

I completed Application Information Module Part One! WOO HOO! That was the easy part - basic information. I did have to create a new email for my friend as he doesn't have one. And I'll be "ghostwriting" the application for him as there is no way that he would a) get on the web at all and b) fill out this much information.

The application process is definitely NOT geared toward the older applicant! Though there is a box to check if you're over 60. (So apparently they figure that some older artists will apply. But only the web-savvy ones.) Anyway, gauntlet number one has been leapt.

The difficulty with Module #2 is the same difficulty as with most/all grant applications: Estimating audience size. I'm not sure there's really a formula for this, so I'm making up my own based on the size of the audiences who signed the guest book at previous exhibits times the number of months that would be included in this grant request (for one year.) Adults would be the total that signed in times 5 (it's estimated that 20% of visitors to any art exhibit sign the book, so multiplying times five gives us an estimate of total visitors for the period of the guestbook (in this case, one month.) Kids would be 10% of that total as an additional number. Because guest book signatures are not (as a rule) duplicates, this is about as real of a number as we're going to get. In trying to be a realist, I'm going to also have a formula of diminishing attendance, which I haven't quite figured out yet.


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