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Granny Square afghans a hot handmade item on eBay

Granny squares are all the rage in fashion now.
Granny squares are all the rage in fashion now.

Granny square afghans are a part of Americana, and highly desirable vintage item. eBay shows over 822 used granny square afghans sold in the last 30 days. The highest priced item, measuring 35 x 54 with a black background, sold for $355. First popular in the 1970’s, this is an item that can be found at estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, and at flea markets. Profits can be high if the item is purchased at a low enough price.

A granny square is a square, handmade, crocheted piece created by working from the center outward. Granny squares can be any size, and any color. The afghans with a black background sell best on eBay. In the 1970’s, all kinds of things were made out of crocheted granny squares including afghans, throw blankets, vests, ponchos, coasters, table runners, wall hangings, pillows, and even hats. Lots of people sat around and made granny squares in their spare time.

With the recent movement towards recycling and repurposing, crafters desire granny squares to repurpose into something fresh and new. Granny square jackets, coats, and dresses are all the rage now. A few completed listings:

Vintage Afghan Miniature Granny Squares Crochet Quilt Throw Blanket – sold for $355 on April 2. The item sold on auction with 25 bids and a starting price of $6.99. This blanket had a black background.

Vintage wool crochet granny square jacket cardigan blanket coat – sold for $357 on eBay Australia. (Just to show that the granny square craze is global.) The coat sold on a Fixed Price by seller “Kitsch Bitsch,” who specializes in vintage clothing.

Vintage handmade crocheted granny square queen afghan – sold for $212.50 on auction, on January 31, with 24 bids. The item was described as “having every color under the sun” on a black background.

Even though granny squares may not be your cup of tea, or may remind you of bad fashion from the 1970’s, keep your eyes out for this profitable item when out sourcing, especially at estate sales. Some grannies made lots of these afghans and you may find a room full of them.Granny Square afghans a hot handmade item on eBay

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