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Granny Gaga lights up Instagram along with Lady Gaga

Granny Gaga smiles with Lady Gaga.
Granny Gaga smiles with Lady Gaga.
Screenshot by Christy Birmingham of Lady Gaga Instagram photo

If only it were possible to see how Lady Gaga might look in the future. Well, that (sort of) happened on May 27. Lady Gaga posted the photo, taken that same day, on her Instagram profile, and the story behind it was explained in the attached caption. The photo featured the music icon with a fan she called “Granny Gaga.”

Instagram responded favorably to the photo posted by the musician on her profile at the photo-based social media network. In the photo, “Granny Gaga” is wearing a boa, glittery hair accessory and sparkly shirt. Ah, she loves the sparkles perhaps as much as young Gaga herself!

In the photo, the older woman is smiling happily. According to CBC News, her full name is Inez Whitfield, she is 86 years old and is a retired teacher. The photo caption explained more about what was happening when it was taken. It read:

86 yr old Inez ‘Granny Gaga’ from Edmonton and I. We had a lovely chat after the show, what an inspiring lady! #artRave.

Right away Lady Gaga’s huge following on the social media network responded to the photo. The singer has over 3,600,000 followers, so a new photo was bound to result in a few comments and likes. And, that it did. Within a day, the photo received 156,000 likes. It also got numerous comments from fans who may or may not have been at her music concert that evening. There were only a handful of comments written.

One can put the popularity of the “Granny Gaga” photo into perspective by looking at the other photos of the singer on Instagram. Her newest photo, uploaded about 22 hours ago, featured her dog Batpig. It received slightly fewer likes so far than the granny photo; it currently has 154,000 likes. Another recent photo of Batpig, taken just before the newest one, garnered 132,000 likes.

As she has risen to Instagram fame, “Granny Gaga” is likely to talk about meeting Lady Gaga for some time. Now, what will the superstar post next on the social media network? Perhaps a photo with Inez and Batpig together?

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