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Granite Staters support Connecticut gun owners at State House rally

Yesterday the New Hampshire III% organization held a rally at the State House in Concord to show support for the Connecticut gun owners fighting for their 2nd Amendment rights. There was a huge rally in Connecticut at their Capitol in Hartford. The rally at the State House served a dual purpose, to support the absolutely outrageous gun control against law-abiding citizens in Connecticut and to remind Granite Staters that they have to continue to fight and keep their 2nd Amendment Rights in New Hampshire. It only takes one short legislative period for gun rights to be taken away no matter what state you live in. Voters must be vigilant or they too will end up with a legislature like Connecticut.

Kimberly Morin
Come and Take It
Kimberly Morin

While thousands of people gathered in Hartford, a group gathered at the State House to remind Granite Staters that the very same thing could happen in New Hampshire. If voters don’t pay attention and don’t monitor their representatives’ votes, they could very well end up with the same type of legislation. Already Democrats in the House have brought forth gun control legislation that failed this year. If Democrats were a majority in the Senate, it would 100% guarantee more useless and strict gun control for Granite Staters. Gun control legislation that wouldn’t stop criminals but would hurt law-abiding citizens.

Once again it was a rally that featured several women speakers. Once again the rally proved that it isn’t only men who are pro-2nd Amendment rights despite anti-gunners attempts to paint the argument that way. Speakers featured Representative Jane Cormier, Karen Testerman – candidate for U.S. Senate, Michelle Levell speaking for Second Amendment Sisters, Penny Dean – attorney and 2nd Amendment advocate, Susan Olsen, Ian Underwood and yours truly. Each speaker discussed different aspects of why it’s important to protect 2nd Amendment rights and why they are necessary. The rally was emceed by Robert Forsythe – part of the III% organization and Susan Olsen.