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Granite State Progress proves themselves to be liars with their own video

Yesterday Granite State Progress, the far left wing organization partially funded by convicted criminal George Soros, posted a video of Representative Will Infantine quoting from an article on a Bureau of Labor Statistics report regarding the wage gap. They actually claimed that Infantine said women earn less because they lack men’s motivation. This is something that he did not say and is an outright lie on their part. If you watch the video, you will see that Infantine did not say this at all. Yet they quoted him as saying such.

Granite State Progress proves themselves liars with their own video
GSP/Kimberly Morin

What Infantine was quoting from a report done on a Bureau of Labor Statistics study produced in 2010 regarding the differences in pay between men and women. He was quoting directly from the report. He actually told the ignorant Democrats in the House this but facts are something that matter little to them. So Granite State Progress did the only thing they know how to do – lie about it.

The report Infantine was using is from CBS MoneyWatch (hardly a right wing news source): "According to highly acclaimed career expert and best-selling author, Marty Nemko, "The data is clear that for the same work men and women are paid roughly the same. The media need to look beyond the claims of feminist organizations." Below are some of the items that Infantine spoke about and the link to the report:

Men are far more likely to choose careers that are more dangerous, so they naturally pay more. Top 10 most dangerous jobs (from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics): Fishers, loggers, aircraft pilots, farmers and ranchers, roofers, iron and steel workers, refuse and recyclable material collectors, industrial machinery installation and repair, truck drivers, construction laborers. They're all male-dominated jobs.

Men work longer hours than women do. The average fulltime working man works 6 hours per week or 15 percent longer than the average fulltime working woman.

Men are far more likely to take work in uncomfortable, isolated, and undesirable locations that pay more.

Women business owners make less than half of what male business owners make, which, since they have no boss, means it's independent of discrimination. The reason for the disparity, according to a Rochester Institute of Technology study, is that money is the primary motivator for 76% of men versus only 29% of women. Women place a higher premium on shorter work weeks, proximity to home, fulfillment, autonomy, and safety, according to Nemko.

At no point during the video did Infantine say that women earn less than men because they lack motivation. He actually explained to Democrats in the House that he wasn’t ‘making this stuff up’. But of course, when you have Democrats so ignorant they choose to use studies that perpetuate their false narrative, you aren’t going to get them to listen to facts that state otherwise.

Granite State Progress has a history of lying about Republicans and facts but this one takes the cake since they prove themselves to be liars with their own video. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic. The fact they have to lie proves they are not only desperate but that the truth is not their friend. What is sad is that they chose to lie because they know there are Democrats who won’t bother verifying. Because that is how Democrats roll. This is yet another example of the egregious behavior of the Left and why Granite Staters deserve better.

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