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Grandparents Day - Sunday, September 12th

The girls with their grandparents at the Mill City Museum
The girls with their grandparents at the Mill City Museum
by Rebecca

Many calendars don't have this holiday listed so I am here to tell you tomorrow is, indeed, Grandparents Day.  (A little history behind the day can be found here).  If you or your children are lucky enough to have grandparents in your life, then tomorrow is a great day to give them a call and let them know how much you care!

If you happen to be able to visit your grandparent this weekened, the weather in the Twin Cities is looking pretty good:

WEATHER FROM STAR TRIBUNE:  Saturday is rainy in a.m., a little breezy and clearing in the afternoon, 70 degrees.  Sunday is a little warmer at 75 degrees, with a beautiful morning and perhaps rain later in the day.

What can you do with your grandparent? 

Since the first frost, on average, is upon us next week, helping them with their plants, yard and garden would be a great idea!  Maybe one last lawn mowing would be in order. 

With cooler weather coming (already here, ha) perhaps your grandparent would like to bring out sweaters and jackets deeply packed into closests - a perfect task for a child to participate in!

Farmer's Markets are still going strong - this is actually one of the best times of years to go to one.  With family recipes in hand, take your grandparent strolling in one of the MANY markets available in our area

I think tomorrow is an excellent day for kite-flying, in my opinion.  It was so rainy in May, we forgot all about them and haven't dragged them out yet. 

What about attending one of the MANY events held this weekend at the  Three Rivers Park Districts?  A simple walk or bike ride in the fresh air is great, too.

Our local libraries still have many of those free museum and attraction passes.  Pick some up today or Saturday (with a few locations open on Sunday...check the library hours). 

If you have a 2010 Twin Cities Happenings book, you've got till November 1 to use the current book.  Flip through it and find some buy 1 get 1 free deals while you can!!!! 2011 is already available. 

I hope these are a few ideas to get your mind going on fun things to do with your grandparent.  If you're busy or far away from them, please at least CALL them to share your love and memories!!!!


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