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Grandparenting and springtime

From my flower garden
From my flower garden
Patricia (peabea)

With school to soon be out in the Columbus, Ohio area, and during the day while parents are still at work is a great opportunity for grandparents to spend some time with the grandchildren.

Most children are in sports no matter what the age so it is an opportunity for grandparents to enjoy and share in the grandkids’ fun during the summer months. When children are in sports, they love knowing the grandparent(s) came along to watch them play. Even if the grandchild isn’t in sports, they will love going to sports games, and in Columbus, Ohio, we have the Columbus Clippers baseball team and the Columbus Crew soccer team. Games are played throughout the summer and into the fall.

As springtime starts to unfold, letting the grandchildren help with planting a flower garden or vegetable garden can be a learning adventure that they carry with them throughout their life. No matter what age, they can go along to the nursery and help pick out the planting items. Sometimes having just one plant to care for like a tomato plant gives them something to look forward to on their next visit to grandma and grandpa’s house. They can see how the growth progresses from buds that eventually bloom into a wonderful red, ripe tomato.

If no garden is planned, the local Franklin Park Conservatory is a magical place containing all sorts of foliage as you wander through. Now until July they are having their 17th season of Blooms and Butterflies. Amid a spectacular showcase of tropical flowers and foliage, Blooms & Butterflies transforms the Conservatory into an enchanting butterfly haven. Get a closer look at these fascinating creatures and enjoy hands-on activities in the Butterfly Discovery Center! And learn even more during daily live Butterfly Releases at 1 & 3 p.m.

Spring is such a wonderful time for children. They are ready to release energy whether it's from being cooped up all winter prior to school age or just free after a long school year. As a grandparent, there is nothing more rewarding than just being a part of this sheer energy. Reminders of times past when the grandparents themselves were young and experiencing springtime. A time when we can reflect and while reflecting, share our past experiences along with the grandchild’s current ones.Grandchildren are always full of questions, and who better to share some answers than their grandparents.