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Grandpa can sometimes be a little boy again

Grandchild and Grandpa constructing Lego buildings
Grandchild and Grandpa constructing Lego buildings
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Sometimes when grand-parenting, there are times for grandpa to take over and share with the grandchildren. Grandmothers are great for sharing crafts with a grandchild, but the grandfather also has a wealth of information to share that his life has taught him. Well, I guess you could say that some things a grandfather does with a child is a craft also since they sometimes build a birdhouse or other things out of some wood they may have lying around the garage. Grandfathers enjoy helping introduce the child to hand tools and the safe way to use things like a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, etc. Grandfathers also enjoy helping grandchildren build things with their toys. It's fun to watch as the grandfather becomes like a little boy again playing and building and experiencing where the grandchild's imagination takes them.

Another thing that a grandfather may be called upon to do for a grand-daughter is comb her hair or fix her hair in a style while grandma is busy. This would be a great way for a grandfather to bond with a grand-daughter and enjoy conversation while combing her hair to get ready to head out for an outdoor adventure.

For any grandfather that isn't sure just how to accomplish this task, there is a great book that is out right now by Craig A. Lawrey that demonstrates the correct procedures from combing a young girl's hair to actually doing some of the more varied styles that girls love. His book examples the correct way to comb the hair and also get tangles out without tearing or pulling the hair so that it doesn't hurt a child's head. His book is called Does Your Daughter Have DAD HAIR? It is a step-by-step guide for Dad. His book would make an excellent gift for any dad, but could also be for grand-dads or even for some mothers or grandmothers who aren't as adept in the new styles that girls like. I know I enjoyed reading it, and found information on correct ways to comb the hair that I hadn't thought of and wish my mom had known since I can remember how much it hurt to have my hair combed out when I was a child. Visit to learn more about the author and his book.

A book that is an excellent read for a grandchild is Abby Meets A New Friend by Beth Rose. Abby found a new friend and as it turned out, Alice loved the sandbox, playing house, and building roads and houses with little road graders just as much as Abby. The Abby stories were made to entertain the author's six and ten year old sons. For more information on the author or to purchase this book or this book on CD, visit Tate Publishing and search on the book title.

For an outing with the grandchildren, there is still time to check out the Columbus Zoo Wildlights before they're gone for another season, but of course the Columbus Zoo is a year round enjoyable attraction. Bundle up and head out for some holiday fun. This is something that can become a yearly tradition to share with the grandchildren.

Happy Holidays from Columbus Grandparenting Examiner 



  • Kimberly 5 years ago

    It's equally important for grandfathers to take an active role in grand parenting.

  • Jody 5 years ago

    My father has been enjoying sharing not only his love of Science Fiction (I'm beginning to wonder if this is genetic), but also his lore of Southwestern Indian tribes with his two grandchildren. The grandchildren love stories!