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Grandmother kills grandchild with sledge and butcher Knife

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Alfreda Giedrojc, 61 years old of Chicago is under arrest for killing her infant grandchild. Shortly after her son dropped off the infant and she was laid on the couch, the grandmother retrieved a sledge hammer from the closet and began smashing the baby in the head and about the body with it. The infant continued to cry, so the grandmother got a large carving knife from the kitchen and slit the baby's throat.

According to Assistant State Attorney Michael Deno, the murder of five month old, Vivian Summers, shortly after her father dropped her off. Giedrojc is in the Cook County jail, where she is being held without bail on first degree murder charges.

Deno told the judge that Giedrojc had confessed on video tape but did not give a motive and the prosecution isn't speculating on what it might be. Authorities refused to release information on whether Giedrojc had previous mental trouble.

The crime was investigated by the Oaklawn Police Department and Police Chief Michael Murray said he and his men were shocked at what they found:

“I have never seen anything like this. It’s a tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. This is going to be a very difficult time for everyone, including our officers and the people who responded to the scene.”

A neighbor, Carrie Lynn Hennessy, told the Chicago Tribune, “Never in my life would I ever have believed this could happen. You have to just pray for the whole family.”