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Grandmother arrested after toddler drinks meth-laced tea

Grandmother arrested after toddler drinks meth-laced tea
Grandmother arrested after toddler drinks meth-laced tea

Each day in the United States thousands of children face the deadly epidemic of child abuse. Statistics show a child is abused every 10 seconds and 5 children die each day due to child abuse and child neglect in the United States.

Last month Cynthia Watson was visiting her family in California when she prepared some meth-laced tea to get quick high. For some unknown reason she left the meth-laced tea unattended on the counter top and her granddaughter found the tea and drank some. It wasn't until sometime later the girl's mother noticed the toddler was acting strange.

The toddler was "talking rapidly, scratching her skin, could not sit still and was very agitated," the girl's mother told the sheriff's office.

As any concerned parent, she thought her daughter may be experiencing some type of medical issue and took the child to a nearby hospital to be examined.

After being examined by a physician and completing further tests the toddler tested positive for methamphetamine. Deputies then arrested Watson. Thankfully the toddler is expected to make a full recovery.

Today FOX 12 Oregon (KPTV.COM) reported Watson "pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges after her granddaughter drank her meth tea."

According to The Riverside Press-Enterprise Watson will spend "60 days in custody, including 43 days in a work release program, as part of her sentence on child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance charges."

Also as part of her sentence Watson was ordered to stay away from her grandchildren.

If you see, hear or suspect a child is being abused or neglected it is your moral duty to report it. Here is a list of state toll-free numbers for specific agencies designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. For your privacy and protection you can file a report of child abuse anonymously.

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