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Grandmaster Mingtang Xu coming to Seattle

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu
Grandmaster Mingtang Xu

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu of the Zhong Yuan Qigong system will be in the US for a few weeks. He and members from the Kundawell Institute (Beijing China) will be bringing in the New Year in Seattle where the Grandmaster will teach multiple seminars. Two of these sessions are open to the public giving you the opportunity to meet or even train with the Grandmaster himself.

Qigong is moving meditation and or energy manipulation. It is an exercise or skill not necessarily a martial art. There are several martial arts that use qigong to enhance their skills but qigong is a skill set on its own. There are hundreds of qigong systems to choose from Tai Chi being the most well know in the west.

The Zhong Yuan system is 7000 years old. The Grandmaster’s lineage is traceable right down to (and past) Shaolin Temple where he conducts yearly seminars attended by his students from around the globe. To Grandmaster Mingtang’s credit, he has several highly respected students, one of note being Tamara Martynova who has a doctorate in Bioenergetic Sciences. She also coauthored the Grandmaster’s latest book and teaches at his New York schools.

Karen Fletcher is the Grandmaster’s contact in Seattle. She holds a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkley and has traveled worldwide with the Grandmaster as his apprentice. She and Jean Clough will be inviting the Grandmaster to teach their Level 1 class at Green Lake Community Center February 17th. This will be your opportunity to learn from the Grandmaster himself. Contact Karen Fletcher for further information:

It is very rare to find a teacher who has trained with a real grandmaster let alone ever having the opportunity to train with one yourself. This is your chance. Do your health a favor and learn qigong. Millions of people have tried it and will testify that it works!