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Grandma, 90, got yer gun? Standoff with shotgun-wielding senior ends after 4 hrs

A 90-year-old grandma, a great-grandma to be exact, armed with a shotgun, held police in Texas on a four-hour standoff last week. The disturbed nonagenarian used her weapon to threaten nearby construction workers hired by a land developer to excavate nearby properties. She’s not quite the old man from “Up,” but Eleouise Adcock was armed and ready for a throwdown nonetheless– geriatric style.

Adcock, a 90-year-old Channelview resident, not only kept workers loading dirt behind her house in her sight, she trained the sights of her 12-guage on them, threatening to fire if they continued to haul out dirt and load it into a barge. She then sat on her porch with the loaded gun in her lap, warning workers not to start up the excavating again or she would shoot them.

Reports “Ms. Adcock has lived on the bank of the San Jacinto River for more than four decades, but in recent years a marine towing company has moved in on either side of her house.”

Adcock is the last holdout, refusing to allow the company to buy her out. She is standing her ground, and defending it vigorously with her Second Amendment rights. That is, until a SWAT team was called in to end the standoff. The police team ended up removing her in a stretcher, using precaution because of her age.

“[The construction workers] told us she has pointed weapons at them before,” said Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Thomas Gilliland. “They didn’t tell anyone about it the first few times. This time they felt she was much more angry about them being here working and excavating the dirt.”

After about four hours passed, negotiators were able to convince Adcock to lower her weapon.

“She talked for a little while [with an officer], she came and went back into the home, came back outside and at that point she put the shotgun down,” Gilliland said.

A neighbor said the shotgun-toting Adcock, who lives alone, is a 46-year resident of the community.

“She don't like what’s going on over there. She don't want to sell out to these people here.” Ralph King said. “Her husband built that house. And that's why she wants to stay.”

No charges are expected to be brought against the grandmother. Family members declined to talk, but officials said Adcock will undergo a psyche evaluation.

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