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Grandgiggles make the heart smile

Nothing lifts the heart of a grandmother than her grandchildren
Nothing lifts the heart of a grandmother than her grandchildren
(E Jacob)

No matter the year, the day or hour, a grandchild’s outlook refreshes more than any flower. Feeble rhyme, but the sentiment’s there. The thing is, as every grandparent knows, no matter how you’re feeling, just hearing from a grandchild makes the world a more cheerful, more beautiful place!

Here are this month’s GRANDGIGGLES shared by our readers – guaranteed to bring a smile to your heart.

1. Gotta love the mind of a 3 yr old. It's not frost, it's “sparkle grass”. (N.S.)

2. Grand kids spent the night. I clocked 45 flights of steps on my pedometer. We were pirates, astronauts, ninja turtles and jockeys who won the Kentucky Derby on the swing set. I'm exhausted! (R.B.)

3.Grammy: It’s girl’s day out. Isn’t this so fun?”

Skylar: No, it’s old lady-and-girl’s day out, and yes, it’s way fun!

Grammy, to myself: Guess she told me – ouch, but still fun.

4. Asher just told me the way to get dogs to talk like humans is to feed them alphabet soup. He was quite serious. His friend Ethan told him this. What kind of dog does Ethan have? "He doesn't have one," Asher said. (R.B.)

5. Parker: "If I get stuck in the drain, you'll need a big getter-outer to get me out."
Me: "I don't think we have a getter-outer."
Parker: "You'll have to go to the getter-outer store."
Guess I'd better figure out where that is! (D.J.D.)

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