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Grande dames of Carolands: An evening with the Symphony

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The beauty and splendor of Chateau Carolands make it hard to believe it was ever passed over, or neglected. Often referred to as “last of the great homes” its presence is like that of a grande dame but has on occasion, been in danger like a damsel in distress. Built for distinction and awe, today it maintains the impact of its heyday. Tucked away in Hillsborough in an unassuming neighborhood, she reveals herself to you like a burst of fireworks. Past inhabitant, Countess Lillian Remillard Dandini willed it to the city upon her passing. Her intention was its use as a French and Italian resource for the musical arts. While that never came to fruition at the time the intent lives on today, with salon style performances like Orchestrating Love, An Evening at Carolands put on by the San Fancisco Symphony.

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Celist Alisa Weilerstein was a woman consumed, in a heart wrenchingly beautiful performance she evoked the soul of the music making her instrument weep and revel. Is was a joy to watch such emotion pour from her depths. Chair Jillian Manus managed to infuse a new vibrancy to an expectedly formal evening. Manus shared the night with her Mother who recently passed. She brought a black and white image in a gilded frame, which looked out on everyone from a mantel in the great dining room. Along with her dazzling gown there were a few other outstanding visions. Mylea Charvat made a dominating entrance in a surprising off the shoulder Karen Caldwell gown. President Sako Fisher looked lovely in a playful black gown and Camille Perona donned what she considered out of character, but her a line strapless frock was true to form, a wildly successful frock.

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