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Grandchildren and the funny things they say that we call Grandgiggles

Grandkids bring joy to life
Grandkids bring joy to life
(E. Jacob)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Since the beginning of marked time, pearls of wisdom and truth “from the mouth of babes” have been, and continues to be, one of the greatest sources of love and laughter.

Every weekday, from 1952 to 1970, families enjoyed the popular TV show, Art Linkletter’s House Party, which ended each week with precious interviews of children – more than 20,000 in all. The segment of the show, “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”, entertained millions of viewers and demonstrated the power, creativity, and beauty of a child’s mind. Following in this same tradition, from1998 through 2000, Bill Cosby picked up the ball…and had a ball as host of his version of Kids Say the Darndest Things.

And the laughs keep on coming… Here, we call them “Grandgiggles.”

This month’s Top Grandgiggles, graciously provided by our readers:

  1. A real conversation:

Me: Leo, I saw they make mint scented garbage bags to keep raccoons out of the trash. (We recently witnessed a jumbo raccoon having a late night snack at our trash can.) It seems raccoons don't like the smell of mint.

Leo: (Completely serious, with a look of absolute revelation on his imagine seeing a twin you didn't know you had. That face.) Mom. I think I'm part raccoon.

Me: Umm. No. Pretty sure you're not. Just because you don't like mint doesn't make you a raccoon.

Leo: Are you sure, Mom???

Me: Ummmmmm. Yes, fairly sure. (I really don't think I convinced him. This, right here, is why I LOVE six-year-olds.) (D.C.)

  1. Ava: Mom, can I have a Twizzler?

Me: No, you can have an apple if you're hungry.

Ava: I have an idea. How about I have an apple and then I have a Twizzler?

Me: No, too much sugar isn't good for you.

Ava: I have another idea. How about I have an apple, and then, um, we feed the fishy, and then, um, we feed Tanq, and then, um, I have a Twizzler.

This much negotiation at 3. Can't wait to see what 16 holds in store. (N.S.)

  1. Aila (6 years old): Mom, will you read to me?

Me: Of course!

Aila: But, will you do it with passion? (N.S.)

  1. Came upstairs and found Ella asleep in our bed with this note on TOP of herself..."pretty please no putting me back in my bed!!!!!!! Please! Love Ella" (B.P.)
  1. Things that came out of my 11-year-old daughter's mouth tonight:

1) When seeing a book on my night stand; Mom, is that yours??? Since when do you read? I've NEVER seen you read!

2) When seeing me eat an apple; What's with you eating an apple??? I've NEVER seen you eat an apple! Are you all of a sudden trying to be healthy??? What's up with that?

I swear, if she makes it through the teenage years without me strangling her, it'll be a miracle. (S.H.)

  1. Barrett (7 yeas old): Hey, Mom! There's a visible spectrum in my root beer! (N.S.)

Enjoy each and every moment with your grandchild – and keep smiling!

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