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Grand View Elementary celebrates Cinco de Mayo 2012

Cinco de Mayo, translated to “the 5th of May”, is a day of celebration remembering the Battle of Puebla in which Mexico fought and won over French forces. Here in America we celebrate Mexican heritage on this day, and many celebrations are held, especially in the Los Angeles area. Perhaps it's because the celebrations are about honoring Mexican traditions, perhaps it was just lost in translation, but many people falsely believe Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican Independence day. In actuality, that day is celebrated on September 16th, which marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican war for independence from Spain.

Among the many fiestas you will find this weekend where you can enjoy some good Mexican culture, dancing, food, and music, we have one at one of our local elementary schools. Grand View Elementary, on Grand View and Mitchell, in the Mar Vista area.

This Friday, May 4, 2012, from 2:40 PM – 4:00 PM on the playground there will be food, performances, and prizes. There will also be a few contests held. Expect to see a Cumbia dance contest, El Grito contest, and a traditional Mexican costume contest.

Come have a little Mexican fun, while helping support a local school. Fun times together as a family are part of Mexican AND American heritage. Be sure to wear your reds, whites, and greens, even you you don't plan to wear a costume.

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