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Grand Valley State University has a new ALPFA Student Chapter

A few days ago, and as part of the public services offered by the local ALPFA Michigan Chapter (the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting), Rodolfo Dominguez, Vice-President of ALPFA Michigan and Director at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, delivered a leadership presentation to students at Grand Valley State University, near Grand Rapids, MI.

Vice President Domínguez ‘s presentation, “Leadership Lessons for Success in a Global Environment”, highlighted the essential leadership tools he himself has learned and consistently used during his successful career. He also shared insights about inclusive leadership and collaboration within international teams.

With over 70 students attending this presentation, this event marked the first milestone in the relationship between ALPFA Michigan and the new ALPFA Student Chapter at Grand Valley State University .

"It is exciting to have a student chapter of ALPFA at Grand Valley,” said Dr. Denise de la Rosa, Internship Coordinator for GVSU´s School of Business. “It is an opportunity to build a foundation for professional Latino networking in West Michigan that is tied to a national organization of Latino leaders."

In its 41 years of existence, ALPFA has developed more than 110 student chapters at numerous universities throughout the United States, including Ivy League schools, like Cornell, and others including Hofstra, Rutgers, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, Penn State, Arizona State University, University of Texas, Florida State University, and University of Maryland, among many others.

ALPFA Michigan already has two Student Chapters at Wayne State University and at University of Michigan, and is in the process of establishing others.

ALPFA Student Chapters are created to provide internship, volunteering, and leadership opportunities to talented students, as well as access to ALPFA’s nationwide network of Latino professionals. Distinguished members of the ALPFA´s Student Chapters receive recognition at ALPFA National’s Annual Convention, where they attend workshops specifically designed for them. During the convention, chapters that competed throughout the year in one of the following four segments: Leading, Emerging, Developing, and In-Development, receive not only public recognition during the National Convention Annual Scholarship Luncheon, but also through the ALPFA Newsletter. Outstanding students/chapters are also mentioned on the ALPFA National website. There can be up to four winning chapters each year, and only one in each category.

ALPFA Student Chapters are redefining the role of Latino professionals in the areas of finance, business, and accounting by providing Latino students with early access to a network of high-profile professionals and specialists in their own fields, as well as opportunities and recognition that, in the long run, will result in their becoming successful executives themselves.

With its more than 470 accounting majors, 103 MSAs, and 27 MSTs, students from Grand Valley State University's School of Accounting will be a great addition to ALPFA Michigan's GVSU Student Chapter.

VP Domínguez thanked Dr. de la Rosa for her hospitality and interest in ALPFA Michigan’s Student Chapter program, as well as other ALPFA officers and members at GVSU who helped make this event a success.

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