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Grand Rapids to strike ban on being willfully annoying

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On March 4 the Herald Express reports that the city of Grand Rapids is looking to strike the ban on being willfully annoying. While the law sounds like it would be sound and there would be much grounds to use it, the city commissioner says that it's unconstitutional and nearly impossible to uphold.

The 38-year old ban has never been enforced because being "willfully annoying" is different for everyone and there wasn't any punishment written into the law, so even if someone was being willfully annoying, the most that would happen is that they would get a citation.

City attorney, Catherine Mish, suggested repealing the language because it was vague and didn't include any examples of what constitutes being willfully annoying. There is no history as to why the archaic rule was put into practice to begin with. A final decision as to remove the ban or not will be given on March 11.

What do you think of removing the ban from being willfully annoying? What would you constitute as being willfully annoying?