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Grand Rapids Drive sure to be a hit with basketball fans

For some reason, I can't wait for the Grand Rapids Drive to start the season.
That might sound odd to some, considering the Drive have yet to play a basketball game. But the Drive have capped off a trifecta in Grand Rapids by being established by the Detroit Pistons as their NBA Development League team.
I hate to say it, but before you know it, it will be October. Yes, let's enjoy July, August and September first. But when October comes, it will be time for some hoops action, professionally speaking, in Grand Rapids.
Grand Rapids can now be called the second major sports city in Michigan. Grand Rapids has the West Michigan Whitecaps, an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. They have the Grand Rapids Griffins, the top affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings. Now they have the Drive, which is affiliated with the Pistons.
Of all the players currently in the NBA, 149 have experience in the NBA D-League of which the Drive will be a part. We don't know the players that will be on the team, chiefly because it will take the next several weeks to discover which players will be with which NBA teams.
But when that happens, Drive fans can start taking pride in their team, knowing it's a true league of future NBA players
Grand Rapids has tried other pro basketball teams in the past, including the Grand Rapids Tackers, Grand Rapids Mackers, Grand Rapids Hoops and, more recently, the Grand Rapids Cyclone.
But the Drive will be successful for the same reason the Whitecap and Griffins have been hanging around: They have a major professional team that needs them.
Hopefully the Drive will take advantage of the curiosity fans will have and will make the team as popular as the Whitecaps. Already, there are theme nights set with special promotions specific to that night. That alone will bring the fans to The Deltaplex, which will be the home for the Drive.
It also won't hurt to have a winning product on the floor.

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