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Grand opening specials starting at just $5 at Johnnie's Pizzeria on Venice Blvd.

Garlic Knots - a little on the large side, but still flavorful
Garlic Knots - a little on the large side, but still flavorful

Cheese pizza with Canadian bacon

The newest Johnnie’s New York Pizzeria & Caffe location (on Venice Blvd. in Culver City) opened so recently that it doesn’t even show up on the company’s website yet. Normally, I try to avoid writing about larger chain restaurants, but as this particular store has some fantastic grand opening deals, I just couldn’t resist.

The dining room at Johnnie’s is minimal in décor, making delivery or pick-up the way to go. They have a three-mile delivery radius, which covers a good portion of the Culver City and Palms area, and while it may not be the absolute best pie in the world, it certainly beats most of your typical pizza delivery options.

Johnnie’s carries a nice assortment of salads, sandwiches, and pasta for those wanting something other than pizza. But the New York-style thin crust pizza is really your best bet here, a little greasy but not soggy, thin but with a nice bite of crust on the edges.

The garlic knots, a favorite of mine at other establishments, are almost too big here – they lose a little of the garlicky flavor and become a little too doughy when they’re made at such proportions. But they definitely still fulfilled my craving!

The Caesar salad is decent, though the dressing may be too genuine for some – it has a definite anchovy flavor.

The pizza is most definitely the star of the show at Johnnie’s, and luckily, their grand opening specials focus on the main attraction. For a limited time, you can get two cheese or pepperoni slices with a medium drink for only $5.00 – and that includes tax!

If you’re leaning toward a different variety of pizza, you can get two slices of any topping pizza with a medium drink for just one dollar more. And if you’re trying to skew a tiny bit healthier, go for the one slice, one small salad, and medium drink special for $6.00 (again, including tax).

These specials won’t last forever, so if you’ve been dying to try a slice of Johnnie’s pie, head on over to the new location and grab it before the deals are done!

Johnnie’s New York Pizzeria and Caffe
10401 W. Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(Multiple locations)