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Grand Opening of Zetland Street in the heart of Bellbrook

Zetland now open in Bellbrook
Zetland now open in Bellbrook
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

A new hip and quaint restaurant opened its doors on Thursday, July 10. Bringing the concept of healthy eating to its customers is something of a passion for owners Kim McCarthy and Mike Wilcox. Zetland Street is located at 129 Franklin Street in the old Amelia’s restaurant and will be serving dinner Tuesdays through Saturdays. Their motto is, “Bringing the farm to the table.” Zetland will also be offering live music on Friday and Saturday nights and an art gallery that changes every three months.

Owners, Mike Wilcox and Kim McCarthy
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

Zetland offers locally grown produce, grass-fed beef, organic and gluten-free food that burst the taste of all foods and provides healthy eating. The menu will change frequently and will be geared towards the changing of the seasons with fruits and vegetables that are currently available, making everything as fresh as possible.

“The idea or the concept of a locally, organic-focused restaurant was really a no-brainer for me. I have been eating this way for my entire adult life,” Zetland’s co-owner, Kim McCarthy said. “So, when I found myself with a restaurant, there was really no other choice for me. I am an activist, with a major focus on our broken food supply. I believe we need to be stewards of the earth, and our current industrial food complex is non-sustainable, and harmful, both to the environment, and to the people who eat it. I believe we need to, and can do better. This restaurant is one small step in that direction.”

Mike Wilcox, previous co-owner of Amelia’s, found himself in a sticky situation with his prior partner and began looking for a new partnership to help save Amelia’s. He and McCarthy had become friends over the years, after meeting each other at a martial arts center where McCarthy too her sons and he took his grandchild. Faced with the sticky situation with Amelia’s and trying to save the restaurant, Wilcox went to McCarthy for some business advice, since McCarthy had had 20 years of business experience, in holistic care.

“Once I educated Mike on the issues with our current food system, he was completely on board with my concept,” McCarthy said.

So, Amelia’s closed in order to make way for a new exciting path of a new way of eating out. The name, “Zetland” came from the street McCarthy grew up on in Brisbane, Australia. Bringing her Australia culture to the table has put a new spice to the food. In addition to the owners’ passion and enthusiasm of creating great, fresh food, they hired one of the best up-and-coming chefs in the area. Zackary Stringer is a 2004 graduate of Bellbrook High School. He has worked at fine dining establishments such as Teller’s of Hyde Park, l’Auberge, C’est Tout, The Winds and Country Club of the North.

“Zach's enthusiasm for our concept is what sold us on him. His passion and conviction for his craft was obvious,” McCarthy said. “He has had great training, under some great chefs, and I just really feel like this is his time to shine, and show the Miami Valley what he is capable of. I think we are all going to be pleasantly impressed by this young man's talents, as he continues to grow and explore and the ingredients he works with.”

“We also have a professional mixologist behind the bar, who has worked up some amazing signature cocktails for us. We use Italian sodas, instead of regular fountain drinks, and they give each drink an amazing lift! Enjoying a cocktail in our newly-renovated bar, while enjoying some 1920's jazz tunes, is going to be the thing to do in Bellbrook,” said McCarthy. “The people of Bellbrook want this place to do well, and want to have a great eating location, right here in the heart of town.”

Buying locally is not only creating healthy eating habits but also helping out communities around us. “It’s my belief that when we educate people on the reality of how our food is produced, for example, it leads them to make wiser choices. That choice is going to benefit them personally through increased health. Increased pesticide use, the inhumane factory farming, GMO products that have not been adequately tested... these things are not sustainable, and they are affecting each and every one of us. Our website will provide links for people who wish to learn more about GMOs and other food-related issues.”

For more information, contact Zetland Street at (937) 709-9055 or visit or like them on Facebook. Any local musicians or artists can contact us at for more information.

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